[ic] free shipping

Caleb Phillips cphillips at studioresource.com
Fri Aug 15 18:56:36 EDT 2003

> i just got my website up and running but im wondering if i want to have free
> shipping for local address.. i will make the delivery myself..
> i dont know if i can do that.. i was thinking of selecting some zip codes
> and when people enter those zip codes then it wont charge any shipping.. if
> that is possible.. please let me know how i can do that..

Trying desperately not to be an RTFM zealot, I suggest you goto
icdevgroup.org and search for free shipping, then when nothing is found
click 'swish'. I will be the first to admit that mailing-list searches
can be frustrating and fruitless in interchange, but for this one I am
positive there is stuff - I have answered this question in length 3
times in the last 6 months.

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