[ic] unexpected behavior of [loop] tag

Danilo kosmo at trslab.it
Fri Aug 15 23:01:36 EDT 2003

Hi Jon,
I had tried to use [loop-param] instead of [loop-field] but the result 
is the same :-(
any other ideas?

Jon Jensen wrote:

>On Fri, 15 Aug 2003, Danilo wrote:
>>if I change the table like this
>>[loop search="
>>        st=db
>>        fi=brands
>>       "]
>>   ID: [loop-code],
>>   field: [loop-field brandname]<br>
>>ID: 42, field:
>>ID: 44, field:
>>the search fail and don't return the content of brandname field in the 
>The prefix-field tag is used only for pulling values from the products 
>table(s). Instead you should use [loop-param brandname] in your example.
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