[ic] New Account Page

Jon prtyof5 at attglobal.net
Fri Aug 15 22:13:43 EDT 2003

>     Could someone share an account sign up page (e.g. new_account.html)
> with me ?
> One that includes requiring a name and email address. Mine is doing some
> odd stuff and I fear I have a mixture of solutions from this mail list
> that I
> can't figure out.  Much appreciated.  Using 4.9.3

   The main problem I'm seeing in the error.log is the following

'Attempted database update without permission, table= key=.'

It is like the session information isn't being passed from new_account
to the account file.

I've searched through icdevgoup but wasn't able to come up with
a solution.  Anyone have any thoughts ot perhaps a copy of the
base new_account page with the name and email address enhancements ?


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