[ic] One click search method. maybe I need some help

Danilo Ingami danilo.ingami at poste.it
Mon Aug 18 12:13:31 EDT 2003

Hi Jonathan,
thanks for your help. In the mail I've write bebore there was an error 
the right query is the same without the DISTINCT statement.

but I absolutely need to join the prodmods table. Is this impossible 
vith the one click search?


Jonathan Clark wrote:

>>I choose to use the one click search method to build the list of the
>>articles linked from the main menu, this for improve the spider access
>>to the site.
>>So this is the standar sql query that I need to build the list of
>>articles for id_model 22 and id_scat 24.
>>Someone can help me to translate this query, if it is possible, in the
>>one click search syntax?
>>I  does some try, (I paste the last one at the end of the mail), but
>>without success.
>>thanks in advance.
>>FROM `products`,`prodmods`
>>WHERE prodmods.id_model = 22
>>AND `products`.`id_scat`= 24
>>AND `products`.`id_product` = `prodmods`.`id_product`
>>ORDER BY `products`.`id_product` ASC
>You can't get the DISTINCT in your searchspec or the join, but should be the
>rest. Do you really need the join to prodmods?
>First, its a coordinated search:
>now, you need sets for each field:
>sf is search field, se= search spec, to is search option (numeric in this
>Then we add the sort order:
>So, you get:
>[area search="
>	co=1
>	sf=id_model
>	se=22
>	to=n
>	sf=id_scat
>	se=24
>	to=n
>	tf=id_product"]
>Note: you don't need to specify the table as the default is to search the
>products table.
>Search reference:
>One-click searches:
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