Barry Treahy, Jr. Treahy at MMaz.com
Mon Aug 18 10:10:36 EDT 2003

David C. Harrington wrote:

> Good Morning From Georgia.  It seems that the shopping cart procedures 
> are very complicated.  I am looking for a shopping cat that is easy to 
> use. does interchange sell a version that is  easier to use?

First, please do not post in HTML.

Second, Interchange is a GPL product, so there is no charge for it, 
unless it's for distribution media and support someone ships it to you on.

Third, IC has a steep learning curve, so unless you already know Perl 
and want to roll-up your sleeves, you had better find a qualified 
consultant on this list or find another system...

A lot of effort has been made to ease the initial setup and 
installation, but IMHO, IC is still not a shrink wrap product and 
requires a lot of elbow-grease to get working properly for each 
individuals needs...




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