[ic] IC and Red Hat 9

Jose Luis Perán Fernández llo599 at yahoo.es
Mon Aug 18 20:11:24 EDT 2003

Well, after a day reading documentation and exploring
this list I´ve decided to post my problem.
I have Red Hat 9 and I´m trying to install IC 4.9.8. 

I´ve been following the documentation instructions and
the instructions from

I successfully installed all, using the perl in

It installs, runs and all goes ok. The apache and IC
error logs doesn´t show any error message and the
server is running (ps aux | grep interchange shows

My problem is the known error page :
We're sorry, the Interchange server is unavailable...
We are out of service or may be experiencing high
system demand. Please try again soon.

I repeat, no error logs and no problems runnign IC. I
don´t use database, just testing the foundation

I only have a possible answer, maybe any problem with
Red Hat 9. I have been searching on forums, this list,
etc, and I haven´t obtained any solution.

Please, can somebody help me?


Jose Luis Perán.

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