[ic] Product upload

Anthony Minero anthony at buildhost.com
Mon Aug 18 20:54:33 EDT 2003

>> Hello all,
>> I'm trying to upload products to my database.
>> I downloaded the products.txt file and just edited some existing products.
> I
>> then uploaded the file. When I upload with "add new items if present" it
>> doesn't change anything. When I uploaded with "Replacing existing items"
> it
>> deleted all of the existing items and did not replace so now I have no
>> items.
>> When I upload now it tells me it's uploading and even shows the fields and
>> content that is in the file, but the last line says "0 records processed
> of
>> 0 input lines."
>> Any ideas of why this may be?

> try using the import rather than the upload button
> good luck,
> Tom

I tried this but I still get the same thing. Could it be a permissions
issue? I'm not getting any errors.

Anthony Minero

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