[ic] Add new fields for the products

Jason Lee jason.lee at mac.com
Tue Aug 19 15:49:12 EDT 2003

I think I'm correct in this and this pertains to what I've done to 
change my product table:

1. add the field in the db
2. add the field in the products/products.txt
    - make sure, since this file is tab delim, that you add the 
appropriate tabs to the end of
      existing products. also, (i think) the order in which fields is 
added has to match
      in the db and this file

I have done this on both MySQL and Postgres without any problems. I'm 
pretty sure you'll also have to restart Interchange so it will pick up 
the db change.

Anyone correct me if I've mis-stated.

- Jason

On Tuesday, August 19, 2003, at 02:20  PM, Anthony Minero wrote:

> I use mysql.
> -- Anthony
> On 8/19/03 10:40 AM, "Twentys" <twentys at libero.it> wrote:
>> which db do you use? (postgresql mysql dbm.....) ?
>> Il 19/08/2003 19.19.05, Anthony Minero <anthony at urbanscooters.com> ha 
>> scritto:
>>> Does anyone know how to add a new product field. I just want to add 
>>> a new
>>> price field and a few others so I can search by these fields.
>>> Which table do I edit? I tried adding directly to the product 
>>> database but
>>> when I imported I got a "this field doesn't exist" error.
>>> -- 
>>> Anthony Minero
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