[ic] consultant / employee search

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Tue Aug 19 20:08:45 EDT 2003

Thomas LaCicero <Tom at thewebstop.com> writes:

> We are looking to higher another developer possibly on a contract basis,
> maybe even as a full time employee. 

There is the interchange-biz mailing list.  In looking at the logs, it
gets almost no traffic though.

> Besides the normal on-line job boards are there any resources for
> employers to find developers skilled in interchange?

Unfortunately not.  I'm working on an extension to the icdevgroup.org
site to include something similar.  What I'm looking to provide is a
simple database of both ISPs that offer or specialize in Interchange
hosting and consultants who offer support/development services for
Interchange.  I suppose it wouldn't be much of a stretch to include a
help wanted page.

> Are there any training classes available to send current employees
> to?


If you asked nicely you might be able to find some folks to come do
some on-site training.  Of course, I'm not volunteering; but, you
don't have to scan the mailing list logs very long to figure out who
the smart guys to ask are.
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