[ic] Cart Problems

Jonathan Clark jonc at webmaint.com
Wed Aug 20 16:42:35 EDT 2003

[lazy quoting fixed]

> > I am shuffling around the original Foundation Catalogue to
> create another
> > style system. I have encountered a problem with the Shopping Cart.
> > I cannot delete any items in the cart using the checkbox, the
> only item I
> > can delete is the very first one.
> > Also the quantity doesn't change except if it's the very first item.
> > Can any one help me please, I'm using Interchange 4.9 on Redhat Linux 8.
> You have probably broken your cart component. I suggest you compare yours
> with the default one - I have attached it.
> Specifically, look for the:
> 	<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="[quantity-name]" ..
> you may find the ITL tag has been replaced. This is the cause of
> the delete
> problem. Check over the other tags as well. From memory, I think
> this was an
> early 4.9 UI problem with editing components.

> This is the nearest thing to
> 	<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="[quantity-name]" ..
> ..that I can find in my componant:
> 	<INPUT TYPE=checkbox NAME="quantity0"
> onClick="this.form.action='[process-target]', this.form.submit()" VALUE=0>
> Is this correct?

No, thats exactly my point. Each checkbox should have a unique name, not the
same one repeated. The component should have the ITL tag in it, not a
hard-coded name.

Are you pasting the component I posted into the component editor or
uploading it? I suggest you edit offline and upload.


ps. please post replies in context - the people you really want to read your
posts will ignore them otherwise.

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