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Johnson Dunga Apati johnsondungapati at netscape.net
Wed Aug 20 19:07:57 EDT 2003


I was the military assistance to the Minister of Defence of the Federal Republic of Liberia in charge of International Affairs and Logistics.

The entire cabinet under the President Charles Taylor has directed that the sum of US28M be set aside for the procurement of  arms and ammunitions to fight the rebels in a decade war that is affecting my country and I have decided to siphon the funds with my colleagues through a diplomatic means.

I hereby solicit for your partnership and assistance to enable me transfer the fund into your bank account for an investment in your country, my life is in danger as I was declared wanted and I have decided to seek asylum in one of the European countries in which you will be notified in due course by my lawyer.

All modalities as regards the free transfer of this fund has been perfected as I have estimated 14 banking days to a successful conclusion transfer of this fund through a diplomatic charnel to a security company in The Netherlands in which the name of the security company will be provided after you signify your intension to assist.

Once this fund is successfully transfered into your account, my colleagues and myself has agreed to share the fund as follows:

1)  30% for you and your company for redering your assistance.
2)  60% for me and colleagues, which will in turn be used for investment of any lucrative business in your country.
3)  10% will be used to offset any expenses you may incure during the curse of transaction including your telephone bills, traveling expenses e.t.c.

This transaction is 100% safe and guaranteed since the people involed are of good reputable character in the Government circle who will not want thier name to be identified for security reasons to enable us successfully transfer this fund into your account.

You can mail me on:   johnsondungapati at yahoo.com   for further discussion on this transaction.

Looking forward to do business with you and treat with absolute confidentiality and secrecy and please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.



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