[ic] Long Product Descriptions

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Wed Aug 20 14:42:18 EDT 2003

Quoting Sergei Voyakin (svoyakin at hotmail.com):
> I have some products that need to be listed that have multi paragraphs in 
> the description.  I am planning on inserting them into the comment field, 
> however when its displayed, it all runs together.  I understand that I can 
> insert HTML into the field, but it seems tedious with over 300 products.  
> Any suggestions?

I have at various times created a simple "text2html" filter that does
that -- I think there is a basic one in the core. You just do:

	[filter op=text2html][item-field comment][/filter]

> Also, I use Excel to create the tab delimited product file.  When I save it 
> as TAB file however, the long descriptions get quote marks put around 
> them...I have to manually remove them from the text file-any suggestions.

This is in the mail archives -- Database products EXCEL 1 is the thing.

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