[ic] Shipping

Craig Halverson n0va at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Aug 20 20:13:12 EDT 2003

I know its probably been said a few times.  But that was before I was on the 
list.  I would like to setup different shipping methods then the default ones 
on interchange.  Canada Post (cheap) and Purolator (faster) to be specific.  
Are there addon scripts I can use or do I have to setup a shipping table for 
each.  I'd rather have something predone.  I have tried to take apart the UPS 
perl module and reconstruct it for Canada post but I gaveup on that as my 
perl knowedge isnt as vast as some of you fellas have.
Any help in his field would be appreciated.. 
Thanks in advance
Craig Halverson
n0va at nbnet.nb.ca

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