[ic] Tax exempt customers

Dennis Chen dchen at technicacorp.com
Thu Aug 21 11:54:50 EDT 2003

> I have been trying to find through the tax setup features of IC how to
> not charge sales tax to resale customers.  I know that I can 
> exempt tax
> by state or item, but doing so by customer type is what I really need.
> Is there something I am missing that makes this a simple task?  Can I
> tax exempt the wholesale pricing while leaving the retail taxable.
> Would it be simpler to setup a California Sales tax category, 
> like CA_,
> that has no sales tax but doesn't mess with the address too badly for
> invoicing and reports?

What we did was customize the customer profile by adding a few fields
such as taxable, tax on file with checkboxes.  So for each customer, 
we have control on whether they are taxable or not through the admin.
Then by adding some if statements in the checkout pages, taxes can be
turned on or off depending if taxable was checked.

Hope that helps.


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