[ic] Product image naming conventions

Paul Vinciguerra pvinci at vinciguerra.com
Thu Aug 21 15:10:13 EDT 2003

Working with the 20030820 daily build, I was having trouble viewing the 
product images in the admin on the item edit page and discovered that only 
images of the form (item|thumb)/<sku>.gif are displayed.

I tracked this down to a routine in mv_metadata:

function get_images (sku) {
                var path = '/docantiquiaren/images';
                var el;
                var divit = document.getElementById('images_table');
                divit.style.display= 'none';
                el = document.getElementById('thumb_img');
                el.src = path + '/thumb/' + sku + '_b.gif';

                el = document.getElementById('item_img');
                el.src = path + '/items/' + sku + '.gif';     
                divit.style.display= 'block';

I think this needs to be brought inline with the metadata definition for the 
images, but was wondering if going forward this was going to be a standard 
naming convention/format for the product images or if this routine needs to 
support the values of [image] and [thumb]?



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