[ic] Changing the order process

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Aug 21 19:50:14 EDT 2003

Andy Williams [andy.williams at linktra.com] wrote:
> Put items basket and gone to the checkout.
> Now while I'm at the checkout I realise that I've not got my credit
> card. But having filled in the delivery address and postage details, I
> don't want to cancel the order but save it and come back later and come
> back in at the same point - i.e. come back to the credit card page.
> I've been ploughing throught the documentation but haven't seen anything
> about save an order mid progress and then retreiving it for later.
> Has anyone managed to do this or think of a nice way of doing it.
You could create an account and then save your cart contents.

Later, you could return to the cart page, reload your saved cart and
proceed to the checkout.

The save code/reload cart code could be put on any page, so you could
make it happen just the way you need it to.

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