[ic] HTTP POSTing to another server from IC

John Rennie john.rennie at thechampagneshop.co.uk
Fri Aug 22 00:04:27 EDT 2003

> *snip*
> > How about running your sub through perl to check the syntax 
> (perl -cw 
> > perl_script, for example) before trying to get Interchange to cope 
> > with it? :)
> >
> > Good luck,
> >
> > John
> Sorry about that.  I've cleaned that up and I still get the 
> same error when restarting IC.  Running it through perl -cw I 
> get the following:
> Number found where operator expected at posttourl.tag line 2, 
> near "Interpolate 1"
>         (Do you need to predeclare Interpolate?)
> syntax error at posttourl.tag line 2, near "Interpolate 1" 
> Semicolon seems to be missing at posttourl.tag line 2. syntax 
> error at posttourl.tag line 33, near "}" posttourl.tag had 
> compilation errors.
> *more snip*
> - Grant
Hi Grant,

Sorry, I could have been more clear. Just put the part from 
the sub { to the final closing } (inclusive) in a separate text file,
or comment out all of the lines outside the sub with # at the start
of each line.

You might find perl -c a better check, as it's less verbose. From a 
quick check, what you've got should now be OK into Interchange -- can't
help you much as to whether it will actually do what you want,


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