[ic] IC cron in 4.9.3?

Ton Verhagen tverhagen at alamerce.nl
Fri Aug 22 09:54:51 EDT 2003

Quoting Grant <listbox at email.com>:
>Is the IC cron feature supported in 4.9.3?  That's what I'm running and
>adding the following to catalog.cfg and restarting yields an error saying
>"jobs" is an unknown directive.  Here's what I added to catalog.cfg:
>Jobs base_directory etc
>Jobs log logs/cron.log
>Jobs email my at email.com

This feature has been renamed to Jobs in Interchange 4.9.8
released 2003-06-19. Before then it was called Cron and was
introduced in Interchange 4.9.2 released 2002-08-12.

Please read the WHATSNEW file that comes with the
latest distribution.

I recommend that you upgrade your installation to version
4.9.8 as many improvements and enhancements have been
added since 4.9.3.

Good Luck !

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