[ic] Interchange Growing 10megs a day on its own?

Marc Brevoort marc.brevoort at armazemdedados.com
Fri Aug 22 11:43:07 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 17:48, Andrew Watson wrote:
> I have a client on my Plesk driven box that runs Interchange. My plesk
> control panel show that the website is rapidly growing in size (10 megs a
> day). I need help in learning why this is happening and repairing the files.
> Could this be as easy as removing the temp / session files? If so could
> someone walk me through it? I am a php/mysql programmer but know very little
> of the structure of Interchange.

As nobody has answered this yet, try adding this to /etc/crontab:

# every day at 4:40 am
40 4 * * * root perl /usr/lib/interchange/bin/expireall -r

*if* the reason for your site growing is the session/temp files,try
running expireall manually once, if that frees up the expected amount of
disk space, you've struck gold. If not, it still doesn't harm to clean
up the sessions daily.


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