[ic] interchange and SQL DBMSes: /scan/ fetches anything?!

Steffen Dettmer steffen at dett.de
Sat Aug 23 19:57:59 EDT 2003

* Jonathan Clark wrote on Sat, Aug 23, 2003 at 16:34 +0100:
> > Is this a bug in /scan/? Did I something wrong? Or does /scan/ is
> > implemented to verify the condition by itself after fetching
> > *any* possibly needed date from the DBMS?
> My guess is that you are not performing a coordinated search.

I set co=yes. That's correct?

> If I do a search:
> se=foo

You mean, without "sf"? I have two se and two sf fields.

> then where is Interchange going to look for 'foo'? Answer is all fields in
> all records of the products table.

I had a customized menu_link that constructed:


and so on. Is that constructed wrongly, maybe misordered? The
intention was to say something like:

SELECT * FROM products 
	WHERE category='Kleberoller' 
	  AND products.shop_id = 0;

What did I miss?

Thank you and a nice weekend!



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