[ic] Interchange 4.9.8 - tracking number issue

sbraun at aucoindujeu.com sbraun at aucoindujeu.com
Mon Aug 25 18:33:23 EDT 2003

Hi All,

The new tracking_number field in transactions db is really great
but it seems it's necessary to add the following line in the
file code/UI_Tag/update_order_status.tag 


line 37:                void_transaction
new line:               tracking_number
line 170               $tdb->set_field($on, 'status', 'shipped');
new line:        if($opt->{tracking_number} =~ /\d\d\d\d/) {
new line:                 $tdb->set_field($on, 'tracking_number',
new line:                            $opt->{tracking_number}); }

Without this, when entering a tracking number just
before cliking on update the order the field isn't
saved, the content is lost. It's ok only if we click
on Update status only. ! 

Hope that helps, 


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