[ic] Different Prices Per User / CommonAdjust

Jon Kennedy jonpaulkennedy at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 13:16:31 EDT 2003


I have serious issues with "CommonAdjust".
I have searched all forums and sites for a reasonable explanation of what 
this can do to no avail.
I have no doubt this is the tool to use for my purpose. Can anyone elaborate 
on this or point me in the right direction for some documentation.
Jonathon, I had issues with editing the componants in the Administration 
facility, it kept changing the "[quantity-name]" to "quantity0" so the 
delete or quantity change javascript in the cart wasn't working. I am now 
downloading the componants and making changes.
I am running 4.9.8 on Redhat 8 btw



Jonathon Clark wrote:

>Please state what version you are running, including minor revision, eg.

>Interchange has built-in features to handle pricing, depending on various
>conditions. Personally, I would use two fields in the products table for

>Your first step should be to do a search of the archives for CommonAdjust
>which is the directive for defining your pricing.


>ps. I take it you managed to fix your last problem. It would have been nice
>to report back your findings..

Jon Kennedy wrote:

>I am trying to change the price list per User definition.
>I have 2 different prices that need to be used, PLOF & CONTRACT, this is
>dependant on what the User has been given.
>I figured the easiest way would be to create 2 identical db
>tables, PLOF.txt
>& CONTRACT.txt, keeping the "price" column in both but containing
>values. Then in the USERDB set-up a column called "price_def"
>that dictates
>whether the user logging in needs the PLOF.txt or CONTRACT.txt database.
>When the user logs in, pass this "price_def" field into a session variable
>and reference the corresponding table in every instance of a
>Search, a Cart
>and the Checkout.
>But, what I need to know is, is this feasible or is it a tad long-winded??
>It'll mean throwing this variable around at virtually every page, to make
>the pricing user specific.
>Has anyone come across this before? And would I need to set a "scratch"
>Variable for this????
>I am slightly confused.

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