[ic] Timed build and sessions

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Aug 26 16:45:09 EDT 2003

Mike Heins wrote:
> [tmp tmp_session_id][scratch mv_no_session_id][/tmp]
> [set mv_no_session_id]1[/set]
>>[timed-build period="1440" file=|timed/promo-[control banner Featured 
>>Products]-[control matches 3]-[control promo_type featured]-[value deptid]|]
>>...component code...
> [seti mv_no_session_id][scratch tmp_session_id][/set]
> That should prevent the id from escaping, I think, allowing you to
> use force=1; then it should reset to the previous setting.
> If you require cookies, you could instead remove the code from the login
> action that sets mv_no_session_id to 0.

Thanks Mike, I'll give that a try.

Am I right in thinking though, that users with no cookie support will 
lose their sessions when clicking on the cached links?

Hmm, maybe I should rethink my approach - perhaps I could randomly 
presort the products using a cron job or something...

Jamie Neil <jamie at versado.net>
Versado I.T. Services Ltd.

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