[ic] Shopping cart & refresh problem

Jamie Neil jamie at versado.net
Tue Aug 26 17:00:16 EDT 2003

Sergei Voyakin wrote:

> I got a shopping cart where if a user hits a buy button, it takes them 
> to the shopping cart instead of adding an item to the cart and 
> displaying the same page as it does in the demo.  However, if I add an 

Some buy links in the demo (results) will add an item to the basket and 
return to the same page, showing the basket at the top of the page. 
However other links (flypage) will transfer you to the basket (which is 
more "normal" behaviour in my experience).

> item to a cart and go to a shopping cart, once I hit refresh, it adds 
> another item, but not on the same line, it rather adds an identical 
> second line.  Whats the problem and how can i fix it?

If you edit your catalog.cfg and set:

SeparateItems   No

Then buying the same item twice will simply increase the quantity rather 
than adding a duplicate.

I think the demo does this on the results page using a different 
technique - you'll have to check the source to see how it's done :)

Jamie Neil <jamie at versado.net>
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