[ic] Pricing based on customer status. CommonAdjust?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Wed Aug 27 03:54:04 EDT 2003

basic world international [shop at burgmaier.de] wrote:
> I am looking for a way to adjust pricing based on the customer status, e.g. 
> Dealer, CustomerClub Member or regular customer. This status is stored in the 
> field 'status' in the 'userdb'.
> For the different prices I have some fields in the 'products' table. i.e. 
> 'vk0', 'vk1', 'vk2'.
> So the Dealer gets the vk0 price, the regular customer vk2.
> Is it somehow possible to get this working with the CommonAdjust Directive? Or 
> is there another(better?) way.
Use the "price_level" column instead of your "status" column, in the
userdb table, and then set up "user profiles" for each price level.

Each user profile can specify its own CommonAdjust directive for use
by that class of user, so you can make the dealer profile look at your
cryptically named "vk0" column, while pointing ordinary users at your
"vk2" column.

Look at your etc/after.cfg file for good examples of this setup.
If you don't have an etc/after.cfg file then the CVS copy of the
Foundation (tools) demo version can be found here:


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