[ic] Pricing based on customer status. CommonAdjust?

Chris Gruber shop at burgmaier.de
Wed Aug 27 10:40:06 EDT 2003

> Use the "price_level" column instead of your "status" column, in the
> userdb table, and then set up "user profiles" for each price level.
> Each user profile can specify its own CommonAdjust directive for use
> by that class of user, so you can make the dealer profile look at your
> cryptically named "vk0" column, while pointing ordinary users at your
> "vk2" column.
> Look at your etc/after.cfg file for good examples of this setup.
> If you don't have an etc/after.cfg file then the CVS copy of the
> Foundation (tools) demo version can be found here:

I found the after.cfg. And I think this solves my problem.
All I need to do now, is to remember where I saw the CommonAdjust 
Documentation. :-)
Anyway. Thanks for the fast reply, Kevin.

Chris Gruber

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