[ic] User Tag problem

Tim Nelson TNELSON at ECS-INC.com
Wed Aug 27 09:00:03 EDT 2003

This is bizzare (at least to me).  

I have a UserTag defined as:

UserTag ecs_load Order name table keyfield keydata where
UserTag ecs_load Routine <<EOR
sub {
        my ($name,$table,$keyfield,$keydata,$where) = @_;

And a call to it as:

                name => 'userdb',
                table => 'userdb',
                keyfield => 'username',
                keydata => $Session->{username},
                where => "" });

The problem here is that the parameter $where seems to be always getting
the value of $name.  It is like the UserTag handler is only allowing 4
and wrapping the 5th one.  

Probably obvious, but I am just not seeing this...

Thanks. Tim

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