[ic] User Tag problem

Tim Nelson TNELSON at ECS-INC.com
Wed Aug 27 16:48:51 EDT 2003

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Quoting Tim Nelson (TNELSON at ECS-INC.com):
> This is bizzare (at least to me).
> I have a UserTag defined as:
> UserTag ecs_load Order name table keyfield keydata where UserTag 
> ecs_load Routine <<EOR sub {
>         my ($name,$table,$keyfield,$keydata,$where) = @_;
> ....
> And a call to it as:
>  $Tag->ecs_load({
>                 name => 'userdb',
>                 table => 'userdb',
>                 keyfield => 'username',
>                 keydata => $Session->{username},
>                 where => "" });
> The problem here is that the parameter $where seems to be always 
> getting the value of $name.  It is like the UserTag handler is only 
> allowing 4 parameters and wrapping the 5th one.
> Probably obvious, but I am just not seeing this...

(You don't mention the version here, so I might have wasted my time  testing
this on the latest.)

Not obvious to me, and I cannot duplicate the problem here. Try adding this
line to the file:

    UserTag ecs_load PosNumber 5

That will tell the argument parser how many arguments there are for sure. It
should figure that out without telling it, though.

Also try adding a dummy parameter in the Order list.

And are you sure you have no DOS-ish characters in the file?

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Thanks for the feedback, Mike !

I am running 4.8.7.  What's more bizarre is my test site is
working perfectly with the same UserTag.

I tried the dummy parameter test and it picks up the value on the
second parameter! ! !

I also added a test Usertag with 5 parameters and it worked just fine.

The way I got it to work (as a temp hack) was to change:

   UserTag ecs_load Order name table keyfield keydata where


   UserTag ecs_load Order n t k d w

All the parameters now come in as expected, but I know this is
only a temporary hack....clearly something else is amiss..

Again thanks.

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