[ic] Pay Pal

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Wed Aug 27 16:47:01 EDT 2003

Ed LaFrance wrote:
> At 09:42 AM 8/27/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>> What a bout a good online check option?

I've set up a NetBilling payment module which works (has been tested and 
is working on our site) with both CC and ACH (online checking) payment 
options.  Also it should be fairly easy to modify one of the existing 
payment modules (I used the authorize.net one) to work with just about 
any payment gateway and with ACH.  Anyways, if you want the NetBilling 
module email me direct and let me know.  Main reason why it hasn't been 
submitted yet is it still needs some tweaking that I haven't had time to 
do recently, but it is quite functional the way it is.

> And the final killer in my opinion: after all is done, the customer
> STILL has to leave your site and go to PayPal's site, go through the
> login process and their various upsell screens, and make the payment!
> IPN just informs your server that the payment was made,
> post-transactionally.

Just an idea that occurred to me...

What about coding a paypal payment module which fakes the user session 
to paypal itself?  That could work to allow the user to enter thier 
paypal username and ID and then process the transaction in the 
background as you suggest would be ideal.  The downside is it would 
constantly have to be kept updated in order to work with any changes 
paypal makes to it's own UI.

Of course it might also be violating a paypal merchant agreement or 
something (would probably pay to read through thier TOS very carefully).


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