[ic] suggested changes to foundation

Gary E. Miller gem at rellim.com
Wed Aug 27 19:00:07 EDT 2003

Yo Kevin!

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Kevin Walsh wrote:

> Jon Jensen [jon at endpoint.com] wrote:
> > Paul, could you explain why this doesn't work for you:
> >
> > 	$record->{price} = $Tag->price($sku);
> >
> > But this does:
> >
> > 	$record->{price} = $Tag->price({ code => $sku });

> I think the problem is the code/SystemTag/price.coretag file, and could
> be fixed with the following patch:

> +       $ref->{code} ||= $code;
> +

I also have this problem.  The first solution works for me, the
second does not.  Not sure why.

I have a small number of prices, but a large number of items.  So I re-use
the prices by putting this in the products:price.

	pricing:price_group ,q1,q5,q10,q25,q50:ASC-050, ;

That way 50 products can use one price entry and discounts can be taken
on total quantity in the price_group.  Works great, except for the
price_grid and the specials show $0.00 sometimes.

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