[ic] problem with log-in

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Aug 28 03:24:16 EDT 2003

datasod5 at datasom.com wrote:
> I'am one of your interchange-users.
> I have a problem with log in, since I have made a new admin. user and deleted 
> the default user. I cant log in with my new username and password.
> Where can I go from here? 
> Can I install the program again?
> Can you give another default username and password?
> I really need a solution, so I can get on with my work
You probably mis-spelled the username or password when you created
the user, or have forgotten what you entered.

You can edit the products/access.asc file to correct this, but be sure
to maintain the file's format:  Columns must be tab-separated and there
must be no MSDOS artifacts the file.  Note that the password is encrypted,
so you can't simply enter a plain-text version into the file.

If you still have trouble then any competent Interchange consultant will
be able to correct this for you.

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