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Terral Artis tartis at cellularmountain.com
Thu Aug 28 07:36:18 EDT 2003

>Quoting Peter (peter at pajamian.dhs.org):
> > Kevin Walsh wrote:
> > >Peter [peter at pajamian.dhs.org] wrote:
> > >
> > >>[snip]
> > >>
> > >>That could work to allow the user to enter thier
> > >>paypal username and ID and then process the transaction in the
> > >>background as you suggest would be ideal.
> > >>
> > >
> > >There's no chance that I would give my PayPal email address and password
> > >to any website, other than PayPal's own.  The password is the only
> > >security offered by their system, so I would be foolish to give it to
> > >any third party.
> >
> > That's a good point, and one I was thinking of, but failed to mention.
> > One of the whole points of paypal is that you don't have to give out
> > your CC number to untrusted websites.  Giving that same website your
> > paypal username and password is even worse because that would allow
> > anyone with that info to access more than just your CC number.
> >
> > I would have to look into IPN to see how it works (and one of these days
> > I will because we want to offer paypal as an option from our site), but
> > I think there might be a way to make it as transparent as possible with
> > the customer being sent to an intermediary page, "click here once the
> > transaction is approved in paypal" type of page and then complete the
> > purchase from there.
> >
>It is quite possible to make a fair feedback mechanism for PayPal. I did
>about 80% of the code (not the docs and testing), got it working, and am
>completely confident it can be made to work well. But I have zero
>incentive to make IC work with Paypal.
>         1. To all accounts, serious businesses don't use Paypal.
>            Interchange is mostly used by serious businesses.
>         2. No one who wants to use Paypal is willing to spend any money
>            to get the feature into Interchange. This is a likely
>            byproduct of the above.
>         3. Paypal sends ads, and the only way to unsubscribe from their
>            spam is to delete your Paypal account. I obliged.
>It is just a question of someone competent having enough desire to
>do the job. I am not optimistic that will happen.
>Mike Heins
>Perusion -- Expert Interchange Consulting    http://www.perusion.com/
>phone +1.513.523.7621      <mike at perusion.com>

To say that PayPal is not for serious sites is crazy.  Millions of people 
have PayPal accounts because eBay is such a big revenue generator.  Carts 
such as Miva and OS Commerce have PayPal modules that work using the IPN, 
and have no problem making successful transactions.  I would not say to use 
a PayPal account for all of your transactions, but for those customers that 
would prefer it over a traditional payment method.  I pay via PayPal if the 
choice is given me at checkout.  It is a simple way to pay from my checking 
account instead of using a credit card.

With Interchange, it seems like you have to re-invent the when every time 
you need something done.  With Miva, you can at least pay $20 - $100 per 
working module to help compensate the guy that spent the long nights 
programming.  If you use OS Commerce, there are about a thousand free 
contributions that you can pick and choose from that are created and 
improved by the users.  A place to upload/download contributions is needed 
for Interchange.



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