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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Aug 29 02:06:51 EDT 2003

Grant [listbox at email.com] wrote:
> I need to be
> able to pass certain headers to the URL that I'm posting to via HTTP, and
> the header titles all have dashes in them.  They're like this:
> IC doesn't seem to like that at all.  I get an error like the following when
> restarting IC with just one line like the above in the tag:
> Useless use of subtraction (-) in void context at (eval 74) line 15,
> <SYSTAG> line 28.
As Mike said earlier, you have to use valid Perl in a UserTag.  The
best thing you can do is copy your code into a file and run it as a
script.  Later you can incorporate your changes back into the UserTag.
Remember to add "use strict" to the top of the test script.

If you want to pass HTTP headers then you could use the HTTP::Headers
Perl module.  Fill your HTTP::Headers object with information and
then pass that object to HTTP::Request.

Both HTTP::Headers and HTTP::Request have very good manual pages, and
the changes to your code will be very simple.

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