Paul Vinciguerra pvinci at vinciguerra.com
Sat Aug 30 04:43:16 EDT 2003

I was playing around with the ProductFiles Directive and configured it to
something other than products and learned that my searches were broken. I
traced my problem down to the following lines in catalog_before.cfg which I
have commented out.

#Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_FILE  products
#Variable  MV_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TABLE products
I'm trying to find out the reasons why these variables are set globally as it
seems that if the ProductFiles directive isn't configured it defaults to
products in Config.pm:

      ['ProductFiles',         'array_complete',  'products'],

and  the routine in DbSearch.pm defaults to ProductFiles

         $s->{mv_search_file}        =   [ @{
                                          ||      $Vend::Cfg->{ProductFiles}
                                          } ]
                unless ref($s->{mv_search_file}) and


Similar references are in TextSearch.pm and RefSearch.pm.

The directives were added back in version, 2001/03/07 with the
comment "  * Bring catalog_*.cfg in sync with what is needed for foundation."

Might I suggest that if these parameters need to be initialized, that they get
moved from catalog_before.cfg to the individual catalog.cfg files so that
searches will default to ProductFiles. 

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