[ic] Production deployment methods

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Sun Aug 31 19:15:54 EDT 2003

> Great! This gives me a good start and points me in a good direction to 
> working with rsync.  But, have you actually used this with IC or do you 
> even have a setup that requires you? If not, no big, just curious.

Working w/IC or not isn't an issue to me -- rsync is simply a utility like
many others for maintaining files.  I favor using tools like that outside
of IC.  I've used rsync for plenty of tasks.

> So, with that said, I am thinking the three things to rsync would be:
> This is all based on default RH 7.3 RPM install:
> 1. /var/lib/interch/store
> 2. /etc/interchange.cfg
> 3. /var/www/html/store

Sure.  You can set up a simple script which you invoke whenever you
care to update (I would NOT invoke production site updates automatically
such as via cron).

You might also want to look into the checksum feature of rsync.  Without
it is usually okay (and faster), but it can be fooled if you've done
something funny with file dates.  From rsync --help:
  -c, --checksum              always checksum

> I'm also looking into some MySQL replication and possible fail over, 
> which should handle any db issues; but that's obviously separate from this.

Yes, it is.  A crude solution can be created in a simple shell script
using mysqldump and rsync -- not that different than a very simple backup
system.  More sophisticated approaches could involve master and slave
database servers -- a place to learn more about that is on one of the
MySQL lists.

> I know there are also files (using the default RedHat 7.3 RPM install) 
> located in /usr/lib/interchange. These seem to be all the base IC files 
> and probably don't merit my rsync attention since they are not really 
> ever changed. Right?

Perhaps not, perhaps so.  Some of us monkey with the interchange files
quite a bit, but many do not.  Sometimes sccs, rcs, cvs, or whatever
might be better, but not required.  It's up to you ;-)

John Young

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