[ic] Certain Orders not showing up in the Admin UI

Dominic Tey interchange at dominic.per.sg
Mon Dec 1 22:57:43 EST 2003


My partner and I have this problem with our store using Interchange 

Certain Orders (both pending and archived) are not showing up in the 
Admin UI. 

However, the order details can be found in the following places:

1) the orders directory as the ordernumber
2) the transaction log in the  logs/log file. All log entry indicate 
that the order is successful, (i.e. details are appended with the 
number 1)
3) tracking.asc where the details of the transactions can be found

No error at all in both the error.log in the catalog directory as  
well as the interchange directory. No entries were found in icdebug.

It has occurred under at least 2 different type of circumstances:

a) the server time was reset to before the last date/time of the last 
order number
b) the last order had the shipping method and total cost modified. 
However, previous such modifications gave no such problem.

New orders do show up in the Admin UI without any problems.

Has anyone ever encountered such situations?

What are the possible reasons for it to occur?

Are there any possible solutions to avoid this particular problem?

Thanks in advance,
Dominic Tey

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