[ic] Item_option.html upgrade help

Sam Batschelet batschelet at exactasphere.com
Mon Dec 1 15:00:20 EST 2003

> What happens when you try to hit item_option.html?
> - Grant
  When i hit it it goes to item_options_old.html, what I am trying to do is
add simple options to an item: But because of the code below it defaults to
item_option_old.html.  I have updated the mysql table to include the new
columns which are part of the 4.9.8 package.  In my catalogs which are made
in 4.9.8 simple options have a link to the flex editor which alows you to
alter the price of an option but i can't get that to show up on the old
upgraded sites (4.7.3).  So I guess i am trying to figure out how to fix
this or atleast just add it.  Should i just delete the o_enable column as
they are not still around in 4.9.8?

****************<item_option.html snip>******************
 my $oenable = $Config->{OptionsEnable};

        if(! $oenable) {
                $Scratch->{bounce_url} = $Tag->area( {

                href => 'admin/item_option_old',

                form => "



****************<item_option.html snip>******************


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