[ic] order process

Gerhard Conradi gerhard at pugmarks.net
Tue Dec 2 18:35:17 EST 2003

Hi @ all,

can anybody explain where the code for the order processing is located?

The background:
I have a checkout page where the customer can change the shipping addresses
for the order (with a select field, populated from the address book). Ok,
that works fine. But if the customer changes the address and sends the order
the address data becomes changed in the userdb as well.
What I want is that the default shipping address in the userdb not is
touched and the address that has been selected during the checkout is the
one that is written into the transaction table.
So I guess that anywhere there's a code which contains a SQL command like
"INSERT INTO userdb VALUES..." (or a similar ITL tag) . And that I don't

Somebody an idea?


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