[ic] Getting rid of /cgi-bin/scriptname

Thomas J.M. Burton tom at globalfocusdm.com
Tue Dec 2 12:25:09 EST 2003

> Thank you
> In the meantime I found a few new rules that you should put in:
>     RewriteEngine   On
>     RewriteRule     ^/error/(.+)$       -       [L,NS]
>     RewriteRule     ^/images/(.+)$       -       [L,NS]
>     RewriteRule     ^$      /cgi-bin/shop/mods.html  [L,NS,PT]
>     RewriteRule     ^/$      /cgi-bin/shop/mods.html  [L,NS,PT]
>     RewriteRule     ^/index\.html$      /cgi-bin/shop/mods.html  [L,NS,PT]
>     RewriteCond     /home/shop/www/html/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f      [OR]
>     RewriteCond     /home/shop/www/html/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d
>     RewriteRule     ^(.+)$  -       [L,NS]
>     RewriteCond     /%{REQUEST_FILENAME}    !^.*/cgi-bin/shop.*$
>     RewriteRule     ^(.+)$  /cgi-bin/shop/$1  [L,NS,PT]
> Basically the one with 'error' in it will make sure server error
> messages do not get forwarded
> to interchange (resulting in a potential endless loop).
> Furthermore hard-wiring the images is suggested; a lot of people forget
> to put in all pictures needed.
> I will put it into wiki soon...
> Frederic

Hello Frederic,

I saw your posts on the list about getting rid of the /cgi-bin/scriptname
portion of Interchange catalog URLs using apache's mod_rewrite. I've been
trying this out on a catalog I'm building and it's working great except for
one thing.

There are certain areas in the Admin UI that aren't rewriting correctly and
result in an error. I happens when performing functions such as edits or
deletions on a database, looks like it may have to do with the urls that
contain a /ui portion.

I'm not very familiar with mod_rewrite and was wondering if you've come across
this problem in the catalog you set up or if you have any ideas on rules that
will fix it.

To anyone else reading this:
I've seen reference to mod_interchange and have looked a bit at
http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/downloads/mod_interchange.html, but I'm
unclear as to how this will effect the IC catalogs I have running. I run
multiple catalogs and would prefer to set up something on a per-catalog basis
that won't require me to go into each catalog's config in order to prevent
malfunctions. Anyone out there who's using mod_interchange, could you please
let me know more about how it works with multiple catalogs?


Apache 1.3.27
Interchange 4.8.6

Thomas J.M. Burton
Global Focus Digital Media, LLC

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