[ic] big orders - slow performance - pgsql

Chen Naor chen at lilux.co.il
Wed Dec 3 02:45:40 EST 2003


I have some performance problem while entering big orders 50 - 200 items with options.
It seems to me that the INSERT command for the orderline is causing the problems.
I know that in Postgres there an option to speedup this process by using the COPY command.
Can someone help me out on this issue - it suppose to go to the log_transaction in some way.

Here is my configuration:
2 X P3-550Mhz 512MB RAM
Fedora 1.0
IC 4.9.9 (RPM)
Perl 5.8.2 + Bundle::Interchange (from source)
Postgresql 7.4


Chen Naor
Lilux Systems
mail: chen at lilux.co.il

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