[ic] 500 Error after UI edit

Interchange User interchange at framework.cx
Thu Dec 4 10:54:29 EST 2003


	IC 4.9.9, MySQL 4

	In MySQL, I altered a table to include a new field.  I then went into 
the admin UI and added said field to show up in the editor, and 
immediately started getting 500 errors as soon as I went back to the 
item editor.  This is what the logs tell me: dhcggmaZ: - [04/December/2003:07:22:29 -0500] 
fmridc /cgi-bin/fmridc/admin/item_edit.html Runtime error: Can't use 
string ("price") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at 
/Users/peter/interchange/lib/Vend/Table/Editor.pm line 3403.

	The table I am accessing is not named "products" but is one of the 
ProductFiles in catalog.cfg, but the table does not contain a field 
named "price".  Is that necessary?

	Can anyone tell me why this is happening?



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