[ic] Matrix options inventory -- yet again.

Reid Sutherland reid at vianet.ca
Thu Dec 4 15:13:26 EST 2003

Jerry wrote:
> I know Mike Heins did a patch for the 4.8.3 version some time back
> when I was looking for an easy way. You might want to look at that
> here: http://www.icdevgroup.org/archive/interchange-users/2001/msg12003.html
> and that worked fine except if I remember, you could end up with a blank
> drop down if no item options had inventory.

I saw that too, but I guess I ASSuMEd it was already included.  But then 
I never really tried it!  *ducks*

> Recently if an item has matrix options, I do a quick row count to make
> sure there are options available for that item. If not, don't display
> and the buy button and direct them to out of stock notification system.
> If so, just build our own drop down with a query, containing only those
> options that inventory.
>   [query sql="select options.code, options.description from options LEFT
> JOIN inventory ON inventory.sku=options.code where inventory.quantity > 0
> AND options.sku = '[ITEM-CODE]' ORDER BY description"
>          type=list]
> 		 <SELECT NAME="mv_sku">
>       [list]
> 	  <OPTION VALUE="[sql-param code]">[sql-param description]
>       [/list]
> 	  </SELECT>
>   [/query]
> THAT, I'm certain can be cleaned up, but it works for me and too
> busy to mess with something that works. Hopefully this is a good
> starting point for you. Maybe someone has a cleaner way of
> getting it done.

This is mint, I'll check it out!

Thanks much Jerry!

Take care,


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