[ic] RE: ip validation

Aftermarket Cellular wfiore at aftermarketcellular.com
Thu Dec 4 17:42:02 EST 2003

> > Hi,
> >
> > I have recently received hundreds of fraudulent attempts on my
> > account from within my interchange store, where a customer uses
> > credit card numbers to find a valid one. The transactions are being
> > declined by authorize.net but I am still receiving an $.08 decline
> > each time. Is there an available script that will block an ip
> > after three attempts.
> You could place this piece of code on the checkout-page
> [if term="[env REMOTE_ADDR]" op="eq" compare=""]
>   [bounce href="[area tage.html]"]
> [/if]
>I would block them on the firewall or by Apache.
>	Racke
All the responses I have received to this post have been helpful. I
placed a request through Authorize.net for the perpetrators ip address
and am waiting for a response.

In general, is there a way to have a session timeout placed on the
interchange shopping cart, and after so many attempts to checkout the
session will expire?


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