[ic] Setting up catalogs on multiple domains

Rick O'Neil ic at oneil.org
Fri Dec 5 18:51:22 EST 2003

Hello all,

For several months now I've been running (quite successfully) an IC 4.9.8
catalog on a dedicated server (with virtual hosting of several other
domains as well). Now I want to set up a catalog for one of the other
domains but no matter how I configure things I can't get the second catalog
to run on the second domain - whenever I go to the customer entrance I get
an internal server error. Additionally, IC is running as the user
[firstuser] which is the user that is associated with [firstdomain.com].
The user [firstuser] and [seconduser] are both in the same group and I've
tried running makecat as both users with the same results. In other words:

The above works fine and has been working fine ever since the initial
catalog creation

This results in an internal server error with no errors in either the
interchange or catalog error logs.

However, if I instead run makecat and set the cgi directory to that of
[firstuser] it works fine.
Example: http://www.[firstdomain.com]/cgi-bin/[secondcatalog]/index.html

At first I assumed that this was a permissions issue and thus I used in the
[seconddomain] home directory:
chown -R [firstuser] catalogs/[secondcatalog]
chown -R [firstuser] cgi-bin

At his point I'm stumped since all of the catalog files are owned by the
user [firstuser] as is the cgi script. Running both catalogs from
[firstdomain.com] is not an option and I know other people have gotten this
working. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything in the
archives that has worked.

I would certainly appreciate any help anybody could provide. Let me know if
I need to provide any more information (like a log of my answers to makecat).


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