[ic] Re: Setting up catalogs on multiple domains

Rick O'Neil ic at oneil.org
Mon Dec 8 19:15:42 EST 2003

>I have multiple catalogs running on different domians, but I had to use 
>the FullURL directive in the interchange.cfg
>FullUrl Yes
>Catalog	cat1	/some/path/here	www.domain1.com/store.cgi
>Catalog cat2    /some/path/here www.domain2.com/store.cgi

Thanks for the tip - in searching through mailing lists I hadn't found 

However, I'm still having the problems as before - my first existing 
catalog continues to run fine as do any other catalogs I run on domain1. 
I still get an internal server error when trying to access any pages on 
a catalog on domain2.

Is there anything else I've overlooked? I'd be happy to provide "ls -l" 
output to show permissions on any directories if that would help (or any 
other output, like my makecat answers - I just don't want to flood the 
list with too much superfulous information).


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