[ic] Re: Setting up catalogs on multiple domains

Shawn Mathews shawn at stuckinrealtime.us
Mon Dec 8 22:46:26 EST 2003

 > Thanks for the tip - in searching through mailing lists I hadn't found
 > this.
 > However, I'm still having the problems as before - my first existing
 > catalog continues to run fine as do any other catalogs I run on domain1.
 > I still get an internal server error when trying to access any pages on
 > a catalog on domain2.
 > Is there anything else I've overlooked? I'd be happy to provide "ls -l"
 > output to show permissions on any directories if that would help (or any
 > other output, like my makecat answers - I just don't want to flood the
 > list with too much superfulous information).
 > Thanks,
 > -Rick


You might want to make sure you have a tmp directory under the catalog 
and that you have a directory for your session cache for the second catalog.

Also make sure that the permisions on your interchange socket allow the 
second catalog to write to the socket. On some systems with plesk I've 
had to set the permissions to 0666 using the following in the 

SocketPerms 0666

Shawn Mathews
shawn at stuckinrealtime.us

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