[ic] Interchange fails after second session with Japaneese locale

Christopher Wenham cwenham at synesmedia.com
Tue Dec 9 15:12:23 EST 2003

 Interchange 4.9.8 on FreeBSD 4.6 with MySQL database is failing only on the 
second or third user session when using a Japanese locale for the front-end 
(store, not Admin UI).

 Interchange keeps working fine, with Japaneese translations, for the first 
session. However, if you open up another browser and visit the same site you 
get an Internal Server Error, and the error.log reports this:

nyn /nyn.cgi/index.html Runtime error: ¤it at C not a database, cannot use as 
products file

 Even as the second visitor is getting only Internal Server Errors, the first 
visitor can still be browsing. If the first visitor closes his browser and 
then re-starts it, he'll start getting the same errors, too.

 Restarting Interchange has no effect and neither does deleting the .gdbm file 
or the contents of the session and tmp directories. The only way to briefly 
"reset" the catalog is to temporarily switch to en_US and back, like this:
 1) Restore the original locale.txt
 2) Change the locale in variables.txt back to en_US
 3) Delete locale.gdbm and variables.gdbm
 3) Restart the server and check the English version.
 4) Replace locale.txt with the Japaneese version, change LOCALE back to 
 5) Restart and check in browser. First session works fine, second session 
fails again.

 There are three other English-language catalogs running on the same 
Interchange daemon installation, and they're unaffected, they don't even fail 
down when the Japaneese catalog does.

 I've tried putting the locale table into a MySQL database instead of gdbm, 
but this doesn't change the odd behavior.

 Does anyone know why Interchange might fail for subsequent sessions after the 
first, but in such a way that the first session can continue to work for as 
long as its still valid, _AND_ that the only way to reset the catalog is to 
temporarily switch back?
Chris Wenham - Synesmedia, Inc.
516-620-4110 / 1-888-255-7573
Fax: 516-908-7824

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