[ic] Question about Interchange's capabilities

Dave O'Shaughnessy dave at bluecomconsulting.com.au
Wed Dec 10 08:28:42 EST 2003

Hi all, I've been using AgoraCart but seem to have hit a problem with 
what I want to do, so I'm looking at trying out Interchange, but need to 
  know if it will fit my needs first. I have mobile phones for sale, and 
the user can buy phones on plans with no upfront cost, so the base price 
of the phone is $0, and cost is added on through options on the product. 
My required features are;

1) At the shopping cart view and the checkout view I want to have two 
colums instead of total cost;

* Monthly Bill
* Upfront Cost

These two colums would have their values selected via drop down boxes on 
the product. So on one box they pick which phone plan (affecting the 
monthly bill) and the other box they pick either monthly payment (adding 
to monthly bill) or outright purchase (adding to upfront cost, which is 
intially $0). Ideally I'd like to also have checkbox option so they can 
request a gold number, adding $200 to the upfront cost.

2) Be able to customise the checkout order form to either;
a. add a lot of fields and use error checking on the fields (some fields 
are only required if another field is selected etc), or
b. Let me insert my own html forms that appear after the checkout is 
submitted, to gather extra info.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I really wanted to make sure that this 
can be done before I install the cart. Thanks,


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