[ic] Stumped with shipping options

Riccardo Parola rick at rpwebworks.com
Thu Dec 11 15:51:51 EST 2003

I've been trying to set my shipping options to offer only a few of the 
shipping methods, I searched the list and google in general, I read the help 
pages and they say "Select one of the currently existing shipping methods 
from the list and click "edit method" to change its name, enable or disable 
it". For the life of me there is no "box" in my control panel by "enable this 
method" as described in the docs.

I found one other message stating the same during my searches but no answer to 
the question.

Please help.

BTW: Not afraid of shell and/or editing text files and/or manually going into 
MySql through shell, where are those settings stored?



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