[ic] Mike's demo - Product Tree not working IE5.0

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Fri Dec 12 11:08:01 EST 2003

Quoting Andrew Rich (andrew at mapsdownunder.com.au):
> Hi All
> Just wondering if anyone would know why Mike's demo (5) Product Tree
> wouldn't show on early MS IE 5.0 (40 bit).
> Is ok in IE 6.
> URL is www.itdownunder.com.au
> This was not in SSL either.
> Is it a style sheet issue?
> I was looking at building a new site based on this demo (my foundation sites
> a working ok).

MSIE 5.0's CSS is not up to snuff, and I guess our default browser
recognition string thinks it is.

If you set this in the catalog.cfg:

    Variable MV_DHTML_BROWSER MSIE\s+5.5.*Windows|MSIE\s+[67]\.|Gecko

it should send those to the old tree.

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